Toyota Auris Front & Rear Parking Sensors Fitted Benfleet Essex

22 November 2017  |  Admin

The Toyota Auris is a very nice family car, it also features a reversing camera as standard. For many customers this is still not enough to give you confidence when reversing. We installed the high end very sleek Cobra sensors on this vehicle. Being made in Italy you can rest assured the quality is excellent. The front installation was more difficult than the rears due to it having a black plastic trim next to the number plate area. We inserted a sensor just to each side of the number plate ( which you can barely see ). The outer sensors were colour coded to match the vehicles body giving you an original factory appearance.

The front sensors are controlled from a timer. Meaning the front kit will wake up when the ignition is turned on and shut down after a period of 35 seconds ( can be programmed by us before install ). After this time has passed the Cobra LED goes faint, if the front parking sensor switch is pressed for 1 second the kit will beep and wake the kit up. If no objects / items are detected the kit will start the 35 second count down, or if an object is seen / picked up by the sensors the kit will remain on and active.

The rear sensors work automatically by selecting reverse. Once reverse in engaged the kit will wake up and beep once to let you know they have become active. The rear sensors start detecting objects from 1.5 meters away giving you an excellent warning before you even come close to an object. We are an official Cobra dealer in Essex and if you would like a parking sensor installation carried out, give us a call on 07525 068291.

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