Thinkware F800 Fitted Range Rover Evoque

22 July 2020  |  Admin

If you are lucky enough to own a Range Rover Evoque you will more than likely wish to protect it. This customer wanted to have driving recording for accidents on the road but also wanted to have recording while the vehicle is parked. The Thinkware system will record on motion meaning when anyone walks past the vehicle the system will record slightly before and after the event, meaning if any damage or vandalism is done the footage will be recorded. A nice feature Thinkware has is the inbuilt G sensor which also detects impact when the vehicle is parked.

If someone reverses into your vehicle while it's parked the system will also record before and after the event. The great feature we like on this camera system is the ability to connect your smartphone via wifi when the ignition is on and you can simply download the footage. This is broken down into separate lists such as driving recording, motion detection, impact detection. This allows you to select which type of footage you wish to view back.

The Thinkware systems offer excellent performance and offer very clear footage recording meaning you will get a clear view of the person or number plate for example. A nice additional feature is the inbuilt speed camera alerts with this camera, this alerts you of any fixed cameras or possible mobile speed camera zone cameras. We are fully mobile in the local Essex area offering professional dash camera installation and fitting services. If you would like to book your vehicle in call 07525 068291.

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