Thatcham Deadlocks are they worth the extra in cost

7 October 2015  |  Admin

Many customers ask why do I need Thatcham deadlocks and they want to know why they are more expensive. No matter what area you live in if you own a van you are instantly at risk of having your vehicle broken into. With the amount of locksmith tools now online a van can be opened in seconds without any damage. Van locks which are Thatcham approved massively increase the security of your van.

The deadlocks are completely separate from your original van locking system meaning you have total control over them being locked or unlocked. With Thatcham approved locks the euro cylinder is much stronger and you may notice the part where you place the key is horizontal unlike most front door euro cylinders. The reason for this is due to the Thatcham approved cylinder having more pins inside the cylinder this not only makes it hard to lock pick but also makes lock bumping very difficult.

We offer full Thatcham lock kits for almost every van on the market meaning you can have the best security product installed on your vehicle, We fit Van Locks in Essex via our mobile service.

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