Thatcham Car Security Is Staying 2018

16 June 2017  |  Admin

It is good news for the car security industry today. Thatcham has been saying for well over 1 year the car security side will shut down and the industry has been concerned over what will happen to the security products. And what customers will use to help decide which method of security to go for. With Thatcham remaining in the security side it is good news for all vehicle security manufactures and vehicle insurance companies.

Thatcham has had issues in recent years with factory Cat 1 systems being bypassed in seconds. This has been due to a major move forward in ECU programmers in order to turn off original alarms and program keys in seconds. The advantage with aftermarket security is it can't be disabled via these electronic methods such as OBD. Making aftermarket more secure than ever.

There are however going to be a couple of changes in the vehicle security tracking market. With 2 new approvals coming in place which are going to be known as ATS ( this has been suggested for vehicles under the value of £35.000 ) and there other VTS approval which is going to be for more expensive vehicles, the VTS system will also feature an ADR card for the best security.

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