Subaru Impreza Sigma Alarm Replacement Essex

18 February 2017  |  Admin

If you have a Subaru Impreza you will normally have a Sigma alarm fitted as standard. Now these vehicles are getting older they are getting more and more problems with there alarm and immobiliser systems. Owners are experiencing issues such as remotes not arming or disarming, the vehicle becoming completely immobilised due to the ECU failing, the siren battery back up leaking and shorting out the alarm system.

These are just a few of the issues owners have been having. This is where In Car Advancements can help by fully removing any Sigma alarm and immobiliser model from your Subaru and re-fitting a brand new system with fresh connections. We choose the Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 as being the best replacement choice, we use sleek white ultrasonic sensors and locate them in the original locations meaning no holes / looks factory spec. We also fit the Cobra LED in the original location meaning it looks factory.

The new Thatcham Cat 1 will protect all doors, bonnet and interior. and features a full battery back up siren which is 120db will sounding. We issue a new Thatcham Certificate on completion of the job. If you have a Subaru and would like your alarm replaced get in touch today on 07525 068291.

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