Starline S96 VS Pandora Smart Pro

16 April 2020  |  Admin

With both alarms being made in Russia and both brands being available in the UK it's wise to know exactly what features each product will offer. The Pandora alarm and immobiliser systems are Thatcham approved Cat 1 systems while the Starline systems don't have any form of insurance approval here in the UK such as Thatcham ( as yet / might change in the future ). As you can see from the list the S96 doesn't have the same amount of features as the Smart Pro. However these are mainly Thatcham security features.

The Pandora Smart Pro has a fully Thatcham approved battery back up siren which is very thin, fully waterproof and is fully wireless ( Bluetooth ). The immobiliser wiring is also all Black meaning any form of immobilisation cuts are very hard to try and trace back ( every Thatcham approved alarm system needs this ). The Pandora Smart Pro ECU is one of the smallest GPS alarm ECU's of all time. Not one alarm manufacture in the world even comes close to how small Pandora alarm components are. By simply looking at the picture below you can see the diffrence in size of the 2 alarm systems we are compairing.

Why is Pandora more known in the UK? reliability is outstanding and has been in the UK for longer than any other Russian brand. Pandora also have a full HQ and UK research development base which is required for any major car alarm brand. Pandora also offer many facebook groups and online forums deals to secure there pride and joy. This is why many owners clubs recommend the Pandora brand.

Below is a picture of the Pandora Smart Pro ( Left ) & The Starline S96 ( Right ) You can see from the picture below in terms of component size the Pandora systems are far smaller. For example the Starline ECU can be found behind the vehicles dash a lot eaiser than the Pandora system due to the size. With the Pandora alarm ECU it could be taped into the original loom making it more hard to find. Both systems have a 3 year warranty which seems to be the Russian standard.

View both the systems below...

Pandora Smart Pro V2

Starline S96 With GPS

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