Renault Scenic 2016 Rear Parking Sensors Fitted Essex

10 July 2018  |  Admin

The Renault Scenic is known for being awarded a very safe family car with it's 5 star safety rating. But sadly for many customers these vehicles don't feature parking sensors as standard meaning reversing this large vehicle can be difficult at times. As such our customer wanted a set of rear parking sensors for complete piece of mind when reversing.  We fitted the standard matt black sensors which look factory fitted once installed. Due to there low profile and size the vehicle looks like it left the factory with these installed, these sensors detect objects from up to 1.5 meters away giving you more than enough detection range when reversing. Parking sensors not only increase the value of your vehicle if you wish to sell it at a later date but also boost your confidence.

In Car Advancements offer a very wide range of sensors depending on your budget and the sensor type your looking for. We have entry level sensors in the above picture or we have the high end Cobra flush mount which are the same style of sensors used on the BMW and VAG vehicles as standard. We had to use angled collars on the sides of this vehicle due to the bumper shape and the way it aims towards the ground. Sadly flush mount sensors would not be ideal on the above Renault Scenic.

We travel all over Essex fitting a professional range of parking sensors giving you the best installations and an outstanding 3 year warranty. Want to book or find out more? Parking Sensor Range

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