Range Rover Sport Pandora Immo Fitted Essex

20 August 2019  |  Admin

Range Rover Sports are a NO1 target for thieves in the Essex area. Many insurance companies are point blank refusing insurance cover unless there is either an additional immobilser or tracker installed. This customer decided on the Immobiliser route and it's very effective. The Pandora Immo completely immobilises the vehicle from starting unless a secure ADR tag is within range. Unless this tag is within the interior the vehicle will simply not start. The ADR tags only wake up when movement is senses meaning you never have to worry about your keys being close to your vehicle. The Immo is taking the market by storm offering full black wiring which makes the system almost impossible to bypass. The system uses a hidden bleeper to let the driver know the tag has been detected this has been placed / installed in such a way you can't work out where the quiet bleeping noise is coming from making it very secure.

Many owners don't know which security method is best due to there being so many security products on the market. But we believe the Immo is by far the best choice to protect your Range Rover Sport due to the advanced methods the ADR tags use to stop key cloning and key scanning giving you great piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. A large amount of these vehicles are getting stolen due to thieves using better ways to steal these cars in seconds. For example even your Range Rover key being out of range or in a case won't stop the latest key cloning attack. The thieves have found a point on the rear of the vehicle that can allow them to connect a key programmer. This can program a new key to your Range Rover within 60 seconds without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Thieves are becoming more wise to OBD protection and they are using more simple ways to steal your car quickly without making a noise. We are confident the Pandora Immo will keep your vehicle safe and provide an excellent experience. If you would like to get your Range Rover secured why not call us on 07525 068291.

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