16 June 2015  |  Admin

The Phantom OBD Itrack2 is a very cleaver bit of kit due to the way it combats car crime. This device is a normal Thatcham Cat 6 tracking unit meaning it's suitable for vehicles up to the value of £90.000 in value. It also has a small OBD plug which clips into the front of your OBD port. Any attempt to remove the OBD plug to allow access for a key programmer for example will alert head office and in turn they will call you ASAP. The vehicle also remains immobilised for a period of time in case a new key is cloned or programmed, the vehicle won't be able to crank over.

Phantom has been around for many years offering outstanding tracking support for the car and motorhome market. With there latest device the Itrack2OBD you can rest assured there is nothing better on the market. As with all Thatcham cat 6 insurance approved devices it has a full on board battery in case the power has been disconnect. along with tilt and motion meaning if your vehicle is dragged from a parking bay the tracker will alert you instantly.

The RRP of this unit is £399 supplied and fitted for the standard starter immobiliation, the subscription each year is £149 or £399 for lifetime of vehicle ownership. We offer a full range of Thatcham Cat 6 & Cat 5 Car & van Trackers in Essex.



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