Pandora Storm Review

3 September 2020  |  Admin

The Pandora Storm is the latest Can-Bus immobiliser to hit the market in 2020. This system can offer 2 layers of security such as only de-immobilising the vehicle when a secure Pandora ADR tag is within range PLUS a pin code which is entered via the vehicles steering wheel buttons or window buttons. You need to be aware not all vehicles are covered in terms of the interior button presses as yet and as such some installations will only require a smartphone or Pandora ADR tag to disable the immobiliser. The Pandora Storm is made in Russia and offers excellent security and due to the unit being so small it can be loomed into a vehicle wiring harness without an issue. The system can even be unplugged and the vehicle will remain in an immobilised state unlike certain other Can-Bus immobiliser products.

The Pandora Storm also allows you to add additional immobilisation relays which work wirelessly with the Storms ECU meaning nothing can be traced back and you have another level of security unlike any other product on the market. The Storm can also be upgraded at a later date to include a siren which will sound @ 118db if the vehicle is under attack. No other can-bus immobiliser in the uk can be upgraded to a full alarm system if required.

The Pandora Storm comes with 1 ADR tag as standard. This tag can also be used to control the Anti Hijack if required. Please be aware the Storm immobiliser doesn't feature Anti - Hijack on every vehicle and as such contact your installer about this feature before getting the Storm installed. The Storm also features an override button which is mounted out of sight meaning in an emergancy ( if the tag or buttons ) can't be used within your vehicle you can always use the emergancy 4 digit override code, which is displayed on the back of the Pandora Owners Card.

Should you choose the Storm over any other product on the market for Can-Bus immobilsation? Yes! the Pandora Storm has button data for many vehicles. For example we created the buttton software for BMW F platforms such as the 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 series alongwith X5 and X6 models. This allows a large amount of buttons to be used in order to disarm the immobiliser when entering the vehicle. Meaning if your Keys & Pandora tag have been stolen you wouldn't be able to drive the vehicle away without knowing the secure pin sequance.

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