Pandora Smart Pro V3 Review

30 December 2020  |  Admin

We have been testing the Smart Pro V3 for a couple of months now and can confirm the latest model is even better ( we didn't know this was even possible ) The Bluetooth 5 is excellent and when using the system with a Bluetooth 5 smartphone the range is excellent many systems on the market  The Smart pro V3 also comes with the new style Pandora ADR tags these are made slightly different from the originals and a screw holds the battery in place. The V3 has a 4G GSM connection meaning a very fast connection for notifications and alerts from the alarm unit to the customers smartphone.

The Pandora Smart Pro has been around in the UK for over 4 years now and it has proven itself time and time again offering the best security along with tracking and immobilisation. Being backed with the Thatcham approval it makes complete sense going for a system like the Smart Pro V3, any alarm triggers will instantly alert you via your smartphone. It features all the normal parts the Smart Pro is known for such as the black wiring relays, Thatcham battery back up siren, and the ultra secure encription unseen in any other security product in the UK.

Key points improved on the Smart Pro V3...

Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 offers longer range conectivity with your smartphone if it uses Bluetooth 5 this means you can make setting adjustments further away from your vehicle. Bluetooth 5 range can vary from 15-75meters depending on the conditions, environment and how the system is programmed. The older Smart Pro V1 & V2 used to run on the Bluetooth 4.2 platform.


The older Smart Pro V1 & V2 use the 2G and 3G connections and as such to make alerts faster to the owners smartphone it made sense to upgrade the system to use the latest 4G GSM chipset, this upgrade is a massive improvement.

Thatcham Approval

Just like the Smart Pro v2 the all new Pandora Smart Pro V3 system is also Thatcham Approved ( Full Cat 1 )

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