Pandora Professional V2 Review

5 September 2019  |  Admin

The Pandora Professional V2 is regarded as the most advanced alarm and immobiliser system in the UK. Nothing comes close to the level of protection this system provides, with its full inbuilt tracker which will allow you to track the vehicle instantly and give you history from the previous routes the vehicle has taken. The system also has a full onboard back up battery meaning if the vehicles power is disconnected you will get an instant alert and be able to live track the vehicle for hours. The Professional system will also give you full phone alerts meaning you will get a phone call and smartphone notification if your alarm is triggering. The system can also give you alerts for the other sensors such as warn away. If the sensor is triggered your smartphone and OLED remote if within range will get an alert.

The Professional V2 also gives you the ability to use an additional sim card ( known as the SIM2 slot ) for example if you take the vehicle out of the UK you could have a PAYG simcard installed which is activate for roaming meaning you can track the vehicle outside the UK. The systems subscription charges for the UK are charged @ £60 for 6 months or £100 for 12 months. The Professional V2 OLED remote works up to 1 mile away from the vehicle. This system is more suited to customers that want an online system with remote start for a Manual vehicle. Reason being you can activate manual remote start transmission mode by simply holding the lock button for 3 seconds when the engine is running.

The Professional also has more inputs & outputs for the installer than any other alarm in the UK. Meaning almost anything which the installer wishes to do is possible with the Pro V2 this could be additional immobiliser cuts, custom outputs to disable start / stop features, or something more custom like boot pops or immobilising the boot lid from opening. The system also allows you to connect many immobiliser options which are wireless meaning there is no way a thief can trace the wires back to the alarms ECU and try to find out what wires have been cut. These can be wireless ignition or fuel immobilisers, PTS ( Press To Start ) buttons, OBD port immobilisers, the list simply goes on....

You can shut your vehicle down remotely with the Professional V2 system via a phone call this means if your house is broken into a the thief takes the car keys, pandora tag, OLED remote. You can simply phone the alarm system and give the shut down command ( this feature is secure and no one else will be able to shut your vehicle down ) once immobilised even the pandora tag won't be able to allow the vehicle to start. The only way the vehicle can then be restarted is when the secure 4 digit secret pin number is entered and the de-immobilise command is given via phone.

Unlike many other systems the Pandora Professional V2 is the best system on the market and it has so many features you more than likely won't use half of them... But if you want the best the Professional V2 is the route to take. Many customers also look at the Smart Pro if they don't want an OLED remote or have an automatic vehicle ( If they wish to add remote start ). Why not take a look at the Pandora Professional V2 listing.



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