Pandora Immo July Special Offer

14 July 2018  |  Admin

Offer has now ended July 2018...

The Pandora Immo has finally hit the UK market. And as always we like to make an impact on the current market place.... So for the rest of July 2018 you will get a massive £100 discount, the normal fitted price is £399.99 and this will return the start of August 2018. What does the Pandora Immo offer? Excellent security against key cloning and key scanning. The device it's self is an immobiliser which is so small it can be hidden within a wiring harness like the other well known immobiliser on the market. The device is disarmed via the secure override tag that sits on the vehicles key ring, it has been confirmed by Pandora the device signal can't be cloned due to the technology used in order to disarm the system is so advanced. It uses encryption methods used unlike any other system seen before on the market.

The device works by sensing a tag is in range when the vehicle is started / turned on. If no tag is detected the vehicle will become immobilised once the vehicle starts moving. you can also download an app to your Apple or Android smartphone offering you the ability to put the system into service mode in the event you need to put the vehicle into the dealer for work to be carried out.

We are Platinum Pandora approved dealers located in Essex. Offering you  the most advanced security via fully mobile service.

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