Pandora Eye - GPS Add on

6 April 2019  |  Admin

The Pandora Eye is being tested in the UK / estimated release date May 2019. ( NOW Available )

The number one upgrade for your Pandora Mini BT, or Light Pro alarm system. The Pandora Eye offers you the ability to have this tiny device installed it runs off the vehicles power and has built in batteries in case a thief decides to disconnect the battery when attacking the vehicle. The Pandora eye upgrades the system you have installed to offer full smartphone alerts ( system alerts you via a push notification if the Pandora alarm is sounding ) and allows you to track the vehicles location. If in the event the battery is disconnected from the vehicles main power the system goes into security / beacon mode by sending alerts to the owners mobile with GPS locations at certain times. The Pandora eye system can work for months in this condition meaning it offers total security.

The Pandora Eye also allows you to arm / disarm, remote start and check the status of the vehicle such as making sure you have locked the vehicle. You can simply go onto your smartphone ( Apple or Android ) and view the vehicles location by GPS, This is done by clicking on the map icon. If you can't afford a Pandora Smart Pro or Professional when getting a car security system installed you can get about 90% of the features of the higher spec'ed systems by adding the Pandora Eye to a Pandora Mini BT or Light Pro system.

The Pandora Eye is very secure because it can be mounted anywhere within the vehicles interior or exterior because it sends data back and forth to the main alarm ECU via Bluetooth 4.2. Meaning in the event of a thief finding the main alarm unit and unplugging it you wouldn't loose tracking to the vehicle. And this would give you the best chance in recovering the vehicle. There will be a subscription for this device the same as the Smart Pro and Professional online systems. But this information has been unreleased at this current time.

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