Pandora Elite Review

13 March 2020  |  Admin

The latest Pandora high end alarm system named the Pandora Elite. This is the latest system released by Pandora in March 2020 to replace the Professional V2. It features many enhacements over the Professional V2 which are listed below...

  • Flashing window LED ( which can be mounted high up on the window screen.
  • Stronger OLED remote
  • Bluetooth 5 ( extreme Bluetooth range / latest chipset )
  • Lora anti clone / enhanced encription
  • Thatcham Cat 1
  • 4G GSM Connection ( slightly faster notifications )
  • Battery Back Up 120db siren
  • OLED remote can be used as a ADR tag.

As usual the quality is very high end. The OLED remote in my opinion is the best Pandora have made to date, it feels nice and strong and has a very well made leather strap to keep it secure on your keys. The new window mounted LED is a nice feature meaning thieves will know your vehicle is protected before getting close to your pride and joy. With the Bluetooth 5 chip you can get excellent range via Bluetooth as well meaning if you wish to change settings quickly it's now possible.

Why should you choose the Pandora Elite over the Smart Pro for example? if your looking for a GSM alarm system with a remote control or you simply want the flashing Pandora window mounted LED. The 4G connection is nice but not really required due to 3G being good enough in most cases. With the Pandora Smart Pro and Elite both being Thatcham approved you know the security side of things is the same. This system will also work best if your looking to get a Pandora watch in the future due to the outstanding Bluetooth 5 range.

Why not take a look at the Pandora Elite?


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