Pandora Camper Review

19 August 2020  |  Admin

The Pandora Camper Thatcham Cat 1 alarm system is the most advanced motorhome alarm to hit the market in 2020. This system is a full online GPS and GSM system which will alert you straight away if your vehicle is attacked. The system will phone you and send a text message if the alarm is triggered. This system features the new white DMS sensors which detect vibration and movement which are designed for the habitation and locker doors. The system protects the usual doors, front interior via a microwave sensor, dual zone shock and a tilt & motion sensor which will detect jacking up of the vehicle or tow away attempts. The system works flawlessly alongside the original vehicles remote control meaning arming the system is hassle free. When unlocking the vehicle via the original remote the system is looking for the Pandora ADR tag or the Bluetooth LCD remote which also works as an ADR tag. Providing the ADR tag is within range the system will disarm and turn off the immobiliser.

If the secure tag is not within range the system will remain active / secure. The Camper uses a 118db battery back up siren which means if the vehicles power is removed the alarms siren will keep sounding. The Camper also features the Pandora Online / Pandora Pro mobile smartphone app which allows you to view the exact vehicles location and view infomation such as the vehicles battery voltage. Checking the vehicles voltage is ideal if your motorhome is parked in storage, meaning if required you know the vehicle requires a run or maintenance.

The Pandora Camper main ECU is very small and as such can be hidden very well inside the vehicle meaning it is very hard to try and locate the ECU in the event of an attack. Unlike other motor home products on the market the Pandora Camper was designed / made from the ground up based on Motor homes meaning you have the best possible product for your vehicle. The system also offers an at home mode this means you can sleep inside the vehicle with the alarm active, keeping you protected.

All Pandora Camper systems are backed by the 3 year warranty to give you complete piece of mind. If your within the Essex area and would like a Pandora Camper fitted give us a call on 07525 068291.


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