Pandora BTR-101 Bluetooth Immobiliser Module

26 May 2018  |  Admin

The Pandora BTR101 is the most advanced Bluetooth immobiliser ever seen in the car security industry before. This immobiliser can handle high amperage WITHOUT the need for additional relays and other components which may compromise security. This immobiliser is wirelessly linked into the Pandora Mini or Light Pro in seconds, meaning it can't be found once installed within the vehicle, for example this could be loomed up within a wiring harness and due to it wirelessly talking to the alarm system a thief could not trace the alarm wiring back to gain access to immobilisation cuts.

As you can see from the picture above the Pandora BTR-101 is around 5.5CM in size. It is very flat as well meaning it can be hidden perfectly within your vehicle. So why would I recommend the Bluetooth immobilisation module? This is perfect for anti hijack and just making a secure install even more secure. We can program up to 2 Bluetooth immobilisers into any Pandora Mini and Pandora Light Pro alarm systems,

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