Pandora Alarms Thatcham Approved

1 January 2020  |  Admin

Well what a way to start the year 2020, certain Pandora alarm systems are now Thatcham approved. This means if you have a Thatcham approved Pandora system installed you may get an insurance discount on renewal of your insurance policy. Thatcham approval doesn't really mean a great deal to customers that already have a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm installed as standard from the factory. There is simply no point in having 2 Thatcham approved alarms on 1 vehicle, if this is the case with your vehicle we would recommend the excellent Pandora Mini BT. If you have an older vehicle with no cat 1 alarm as standard and just an immobiliser it might be worth while going for a Thatcham approved Pandora Alarm system such as the Light Pro, Smart Pro or Professional V2.

What do you get with the Pandora Thatcham approved models?

  • Wireless Bluetooth Siren ( Battery Back UP )
  • Wired Additional Immobiliser Cut ( Can be upgraded to wireless at additional cost )
  • Interior Microwave Zone

What do you NOT get with the Pandora Thatcham approved models?

  • No Anti Hijack ( This doesn't comply with Thatcham )
  • No Dual Zone Warn Away ( No warn away of anyone coming close to the driver / passanger window glass )

Thatcham Approved Alarm Models

Pandora Light Pro V2 ( Approval Number TSC233 )

Pandora Smart Pro V2 ( Approval Number TSC230 )

Pandora Professional V2 ( Approval Number TSC229 )

Can I upgrade a Pandora alarm to Thatcham, if I already have a system installed? YES providing its one of the systems below...

  • Pandora Mini BT V2
  • Pandora Light Pro V2
  • Pandora Smart Pro V2
  • Pandora Professional V2

Click here to view the Thatcham Upgrade Kit

Please be aware if you upgrade your system to Thatcham Anti Hijack WILL be turned off.

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