Pandora ADR Tag Battery Replacement

30 November 2018  |  Admin

The Pandora Car Alarm Systems feature an ADR tag / Immobiliser tag which sits on the vehicles keys. The idea behind this tag is to allow the immobiliser to disarm once you enter your vehicle. But another main purpose is to disarm the alarm securely when using the factory remote control. Providing you use decent Duracell Ultra 2032 batteries the tag will remain working for around 6 months. Swapping the battery is a very easy task and it takes seconds...

  • Use a small flat blade or edge of a credit card at the end of the ADR tag ( you will see a small cut out )
  • The old battery will simply lift up
  • Place the new 2032 battery as per middle picture
  • Make sure the rubber gasket is located in the groove
  • Simply clip the case back together
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