Pandora ADR- Immobiliser Tags How Do They Work?

18 October 2018  |  Admin

All the Pandora Car Alarm range features a small tag which sits on the vehicles keys. Without this ADR tag being within range of the vehicle the vehicle will be completely immobilised. The alarm can also be configured so it has to see this ADR tag has to be in range, before it will allow the alarm to turn off also. The ADR tag is also used in the event of the vehicles owner being high jacked from the vehicle ( Depending on install set up ).

This tag not only stops the vehicle from running, it fights against the most common form of key clone attacks such as cloning via the OBD port or cloning the keys signal over the air, It also stops range extending which is very common. The ADR tag works on a secure 868MHz 128bit encription which means so far in the world right now no one has made a device that can clone this signal. Pandora themselves reckon it will be at least 15 years before they catch up.

In the above video we have a BMW which has a Pandora Smart Pro installed. In the video we arm the alarm system but take the ADR / immobiliser tag out of range. When unlocking the vehicle you won't hear no disarm chirp due to the alarm not sensing the tag being in range. The alarm will sound after 10 seconds and the vehicle will remain immobilised.

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