OBD Port Immobiliser good idea?

18 July 2015  |  Admin

Many customers are unaware of the OBD port inside your vehicle and what risks it has leaving it unprotected. The OBD port has been installed in many cars after 1996 and this has been used for a wide amount of functions such as engine diagnostics, AIR Bag module diagnostics and immobiliser key programming. When this first came around the tools to program new keys into your car or van cost £1000's and now companies in China. Make a small device which only offers one piece of software, yes as you can guess an OBD plug in tool which will only program new keys into the vehicles ECU. This tool doesn't even need your vehicles security code which would normally be required, because this OBD unit has software it hacks the original information and only allows new programming.

With most alarm systems we can offer a custom set up which will stop the vehicles OBD port working when the alarm is armed. This means if a thief attacks your vehicle and attempts to plug in a OBD key programmer it simply won't work meaning your vehicle doesn't get stolen. Some vehicles take a very small amount of time to program a new key such as Ford, BMW and Range Rover to name a few. Just remember the OBD port is the main data link connector which talks to all the modules in your vehicle and protecting it before a theft is very wise. Most cars are stolen within 45 seconds using this technique.


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