Neat Car Alarm Fitting & Reliability

19 July 2016  |  Admin

Car Alarm Fitting is something In Car Advancements takes a massive amount of pride in. To carry out the job correctly and make a neat job is all a part of the installation for us. We remove many car alarms fitted by other dealers were they have been fitted to a poor standard. Car alarms are guaranteed to give you large amounts of problems if the installation is poor. These problems might not show straight away but after a period of time develop a fault.

As you can see from our installation above the alarm unit is mounted securely and the wiring is run with the factory harnesses meaning the wiring doesn't get in the way of moving parts or get damaged when your having other work done on your vehicle. Fitting a car alarm with this method not only makes it look factory it also makes the reliability of the system outstanding. This applies to any car alarm brand or manufacture if the installation is poor you will more than likely suffer problems.

In Car Advancements will happily carry out any form of vehicle security to a very high standard in the local Essex area. If you are outside of our area give us a call and we will check to see if we can get an engineer over to you. If you are miles away from us and you want to find a good car alarm installer, how do you find a good one? There are many listings for car alarm installations all over the internet. I would advise keeping away from cheap supplied and fitted prices and anything that states they are VSIB approved or registered, this scheme ended years ago.

Just because an installer says they are Thatcham approved it doesn't mean the install is going to be good. Always shop with caution and base your trust on who knows there products or has an outstanding reputation in your area. Always give us a call when your shopping for vehicle security, Dave 07525 068291 or email

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