Motorhome Alarm Fitted Essex

3 January 2016  |  Admin

If you have a motor home its a wise investment to get it protected with a high quality alarm system. The alarm system we offer is made by the best specialist in the motor home market and that is Laserline. With there excellent build quality and reliability you can rest assured you are having a high quality alarm installed that won't false trigger and will remain reliable for many years. The great part about the Laserline alarm is everything in the kit is made for a motor home. For example the kit has additional sensors one which is a PIR this is mounted in the motor homes living area and the other sensor is the wireless door contact for the side door ( known as a habitation door ).

The alarm is fully Thatcham approved once fitted to any motor home made after 1996. It brings the insurance approval up to a full Thatcham CAT1 meaning you may get an insurance discount. The system is designed to work off your original factory remote control which locks and unlocks the doors. The alarm will work alongside this meaning if you press lock the alarm will arm and when you press unlock the alarm will disarm.

The alarm protects the vehicle the same if it was a van for example it protects front doors, bonnet and the front interior cabin. The siren is a full battery back up 118DB siren with a digital link siren meaning the wiring can't be cut or tampered without the siren sounding. Also featuring emergency override tags in the event you need to disarm the system in the event of the original vehicle remote not working.

You will also get an internal sensor override remote control meaning if you want to sleep in the vehicle and arm the alarm this is possible to keep your family safe at night while sleeping. The whole vehicle remains protected other than movement sensors meaning total security.

We supply and fit the Motor home Alarm in Essex and all local areas via our mobile installation service.


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