Meta Trak Review

10 September 2015  |  Admin

Meta is a very largest vehicle security manufacture in Italy. They have provided alarms for cars and bikes for many years but they have recently decided to bring back the Meta trak systems. I personally fitted the original device many years ago and it was so reliable it was unbelievable. Meta systems have a very high quality control system and every product they design and manufacture is at another level over normal competitors. There equipment is very successful in Italy turning over a massive 1000 tracking systems a day and you can be assured the performance of Meta Trak in the UK will be outstanding once it arrives.

Meta Trak are releasing a Thatcham Cat 5 and Thatcham Cat 6 product for customers.

Cat 5 Thatcham Tracking ( Vehicles over £90k )

Cat 6 Thatcham Tracking ( Vehicles under £90K )

Meta Trak is also releasing a NON Thatcham approved device which is very interesting due to Meta making a very good self monitoring tracker years ago that sent  a text message if your car alarm was sounding along with an instant location if you text the unit. It would be nice to hope they have designed a mobile app which will allow customers to use the product with ease.

Meta has been around since 1973 and has a very large base of engineers working on there designed and developments and I think this tracking system will seriously shake up the current market place.


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