Mercedes Vito Pandora Mini BT Fitted Chelmsford Essex

24 March 2020  |  Admin

Mercedes Vito now protected by the Pandora Mini BT offering excellent protection unlike any other system on the market. The Mini BT works on this vehicle with the original 3 button remote control, when you lock the doors the alarm will arm and you will hear a chirp from the siren. When unlocking however the alarm is looking for a Pandora ADR tag to be within range otherwise the alarm won't disarm and the vehicle will remain immobilised.

This system features protection for all doors front, sides and rear, a dual zone shock sensor to detect any impacts to the front vehicle glass, tilt sensor which detects the vehicle being jacked up. This alarm also features a motion sensor which detects the vehicle being dragged or pushed down the road. The system has a loud 120db siren which sounds in the event of an alarm trigger, the vehicles indicators will also flash when the alarm is sounding.

On this vehicle due to it having no factory alarm to worry about it also allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle through the Bluetooth ( close range ) smartphone app. On this vehicle will also activated handsfree locking which means if the customer forgets to lock the vehicle it will automatically lock when the customer walks away with the Pandora ADR tag.

We also added the additional rear wireless mounted shock sensors meaning any impact to the load doors will make the alarm trigger. This is ideal if your worried about door bending / peeling. It gives you the quickest alarm response unlike any other security system on the market. If you want a Pandora alarm system professionally installed call In Car Advancements on 07525 068291 to get your system installed.

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