Mercedes Sprinter Pandora Smart Pro

5 March 2019  |  Admin

Mercedes Sprinters are one of the most common vans to get stolen in the Essex area. Sadly they are very easy to steal by removing the drivers side window and coding in a new key to the electronic ignition switch. This customer wasn't taking any chances and wanted the best possible security. The Pandora Smart Pro offers outstanding levels of security such as full GPS tracking, full GSM alerts, Smartphone alerts, protection for doors, boot, bonnet, shock sensor, tilt sensor, motion sensor. The system fights against key cloning by using a small ADR tag which sits on the vehicles keys without this being in range the alarm remains armed and the vehicle remains fully immobilised. In the event of a thief having a cloned key they won't be able to start / steal the vehicle because it will be fully immobilised.

The Pandora Smart Pro offers security unlike any other alarm on the market. Also offering anti hijack meaning if the owner is forced to leave the vehicle the vehicle will start the anti hijack countdown before fully immobilising the vehicle. In the event of the keys being stolen and the Pandora ADR tag being stolen you can remotely immobilise the vehicle by phoning the alarm and giving the immobilisation command. The Pandora Smart Pro comes with 6 months subscription FREE and the subscription can be renewed at £59 for 6 months or £100 per year. Mercedes Sprinters are a large target due to them only taking around 90 seconds to steal. We advise protecting your vehicle to prevent yours from being stolen.

If you would like a Pandora Smart Pro Fitted why not give us a call on 07525068291 to get your vehicle installed with the best security on the market.


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