Mercedes Sprinter Anti Key Clone Alarm

6 September 2016  |  Admin

The Mercedes Sprinter has been a target for many years and customers want to make sure there vehicle is secured in a manor it can't be stolen. In Car Advancements have a custom ADR package for this vehicle which means your vehicle will be secured to the extreme. You control your vehicle as per norm by locking the doors from your factory remote control. The alarm will beep twice to let you know it has become fully armed.

When returning to your Mercedes Sprinter and you press the unlock, the alarm is actively looking for an ADR tag and the alarm goes into a pre-disarmed state. Once the ADR card has been seen the alarm will fully disarm, the alarm pairs with the ADR card via a very highly secured encrypted signal which can't be cloned by car thieves.

The vehicle is always immobilised until the secure ADR card has been seen via the alarm system. You won't even be able to crank the vehicle over it really is that secure. The system features protection for the doors, rear and sliding doors and bonnet.. It also has two very small sensors which are mounted next to each a-pillar to detect any interior movement. The ADR alarm also features a fully approved battery back up siren which sounds at 118db when sounding.

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