Mercedes E Class Pandora Mini Fitted Essex

25 June 2019  |  Admin

The Mercedes E Class is one of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK. This E Class isn't going anywhere... This vehicle is now protected by the Pandora Mini BT this doesn't just mean it features an immobiliser this system offers a full alarm such as protection for doors, boot, bonnet and the interior is protected by a dual zone shock sensor. The vehicles original alloy wheels are protected by the tilt sensor meaning if the vehicle is jacked up for its alloy wheels the alarm will trigger. It also features an onboard motion sensor meaning if the vehicle is dragged from a parking space by a low loader for example the alarm will trigger. The system also features a loud 118db siren giving anyone near by the ability to know if your vehicle is being attacked.

The system also features a secure immobiliser meaning without the secure Pandora tag being within range the system simply won't allow the immobiliser to disarm. If this secure tag is removed from the vehicle while the engine is running the system will start its anti hijack countdown. Once this countdown has expired the system will fully immobilise the vehicle. Meaning a hijacker won't be able to restart the vehicle and you will be able to recover it, once the tag is back within range it will allow you to start the vehicle and drive away.

Pandora alarm systems give you the ultimate protection in vehicle security meaning you have the most advanced alarm system on your vehicle. The Pandora systems also allow you to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth meaning you can make simple setting changes to the shock sensor or tilt sensor without needing to touch anything within your vehicle. In emergency situations the phone can also be used as a tag.

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