Mercedes C Class W205 Pandora Mini Fitted Essex

27 April 2019  |  Admin

 This customer wasn't taking any chances! Thieves carried out a relay attack in the middle of the night and unlocked the vehicle. Tried to steal the vehicle but for some reason they were unsuccessful. Once this happened the customer wasn't after just an immobiliser, they wanted the full works! We suggested the Pandora Mini which offers excellent security and immobilisation, with the Mercedes C Class W205 being one of the top 10 stolen vehicles in the UK it makes sense to secure your Mercedes C Class with this excellent security upgrade.

The Pandora Mini offers Immobilisation ( Vehicle can't be started unless a secure Pandora ADR tag is within range ). This stops all forms of key scanning / key cloning attacks carried out by many thieves of today. This Pandora system also stops the attack were a thief swaps the ignition barrel within the vehicle in order to steal it ( If the Key scanning attack doesn't work ) The Mini system protects the normal doors, boot, bonnet, dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor and motion sensor. The Mini features a loud 118 db siren which sounds in the event of a system trigger.

The great part about the Pandora Mini BT system is the sensors are all adjustable via the mobile app such as shock sensor adjustment. This can be tweaked / changed by the customer at any time. You can also do much more such as viewing the history reports and changing the arming or disarming for silent chirps.

The Mercedes C Class W205 is one of the most stolen cars in the UK. You need to add additional security to these vehicles. Call In Car Advancements today on 07525 068291 to secure yours.

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