Mclaren SLR Tracker Fitting

22 August 2015  |  Admin

With the McLaren SLR being worth over £240.000 you can only guess it will need the highest amount of security. In Car Advancements fitted a Thatcham Cat 5 tracking product to this vehicle with ADR cards and remote immobilistation. With the system being a Thatcham cat 5 it will require the driver to carry a small driver card when entering the vehicle. If no card is found the system will send an instant trigger alert to head office.

The immobiliser is only controlled via the local police force in your area. Many customers ask why they can't immobilise the vehicle themselves and there are several safety issues one being the vehicle could be stolen and parked on a railway track and this could cause a large amount of harm to others for example a train derailing. The police are the only ones who can give permission to the call center to stop the vehicle re starting.

You can log into most Thatcham cat 5 products on your smartphone to see where your vehicle is located once the ignition is turned off. In the event of a vehicle theft the tracking app will automatically stop working due to the dangers of trying to recover a stolen vehicle yourself. Thatcham Cat 5 subscriptions start from around £199 per year and there is no lifetime subscription on the Cat 5 products unlike the lower spec Cat 6.

These systems feature an on board tilt and motion sensor along with a full back up battery in case the battery is disconnected. Unlike many other products Cat 5 tracking offers a very fast response in case your vehicle is stolen.


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