Lotus Emira Thatcham S5 Tracker Southend

9 May 2023  |  Admin

Lotus Emira fitted with a Thatcham S5 Tracker in Southend, Essex. The main reason behind the owner needing this device was due to the insurance saying it was needed to protect the vehicle against theft, and if a device wasn''t installed the vehicle wouldn't be covered. This is becoming more popular due to the extreme amount of car thefts in the local area. With a Thatcham S5 you have driver ID cards which must be within range without a card being present the tracking company ( Global Telemetrics ) will call you and ask why the vehicle is being driven without a card.

This gives you the fastest chance of recovery against theft due to you being alerted to theft straight away rather than hours later. For example the car is stolen in the middle of the night and you wouldn't know until the next morning. The S5 ID cards are charged via a USB charger and only take around 1 hour to charge meaning you don't have to worry about battery replacement. The system features a nice mobile app meaning you can simply login and view the location of the vehicle at anytime, you can also view important information such as battery voltage for example.

The main advantage with our systems is you wouldn't even know the vehicle has been pulled apart to install the device, the vehicle still looks the same and thieves wouldn't know anything aftermarket has been installed to protect your pride and joy. We install Thatcham approved S5 tracking devices all over Essex via our mobile installation service.

All these devices are insurance approved meaning if your insurance company has asked for a Thatcham S7 or Thatcham S5 device it will be covered via our insurance approved devices. View our Car Tracker page to find out more.

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