Lexus RX300H Autowatch Ghost 2 Fitted Grays Essex

4 January 2021  |  Admin

Lexus vehicles are just as common as the Range Rovers & BMW's at being stolen, this is due to the keyless ignition systems. It makes these vehicles a huge target and as such many owners want to secure there vehicle. Some owners believe if they store their key inside a pouch this will stop theft, this is incorrect a thief can clone a new key into the vehicles OBD port in seconds allowing them to drive your vehicle away. As such the Autowatch Ghost is a fantastic product which will stop your Lexus from being stolen, even if a thief has your vehicles key they won't be able to start your vehicle unless they have the secure pin number created via the selected interior buttons on your vehicle.

A Ghost gives complete piece of mind by knowing only you will know the secure code in order to get the vehicle started. The system also features a service mode which stops the Ghost immobiliser causing any issues when the vehicle goes in for a service or a remap for example. The Ghost is one of the most secure immobilisers on this vehicle due to it having no LED's or sensors for a thief to try and trace back. The Ghost uses the original vehicle security light & tone to confirm the pin code has been entered correctly.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 is now Tassa approved which means you may get an insurance discount, however this is dependent on your vehicles insurance company. We know certain insurance companies will not insure a Ford Transit Custom or Range Rover Sport without a Ghost installed. We are the original installers of the Autowatch Ghost in Essex and we can be contacted for a quote or booking on 07525 068291. We are also fully Tassa CBS checked and insured to work on your vehicle.

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