LED Placement On Your Cars Dashboard

13 July 2016  |  Admin

When having a car alarm installed it's often the last thing you think about. But where is best to mount the LED? The answer is it depends on your preference in terms of, if you would like it up high in a nice visible location or you would like the more original look and feel to your alarm system. Years ago car alarms used to have very large ultrasonic sensors with wiring exiting out the back they used to have random styles of LED's which used to look out of place. Now times have changed and car alarms look factory fit once installed.

Now the alarms such as Cobra have a much sleeker look in terms of performance and style. They are finished in a matt style black which matches many styles of dash trims to make placement look as original as possible. I try where possible to locate the LED on a switch blank but many cars and vans have fake switch blanks which have  electronics behind them, meaning you can't drill through and locate an LED in that switch blank.

It is also important to remember it is best to see the LED from both the drivers and passenger windows for the most effective security. We also add window stickers for added security.

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