Laserline Plip Alarm

29 September 2015  |  Admin

Have a vehicle that's pre Can-Bus the Laserline plip upgrade might be the perfect alarm system for you. On many vehicles there are still a huge amount of manufactures which don't use Can-Bus technology when the vehicle is sitting there locked. This means a Can-Bus alarm is not always possible on all vehicles, this is were the Laserline plip alarm fits into the market perfectly. This system works by picking up door locking and unlocking signals from the vehicle, when you lock the vehicle from your original control the alarm arms and when you disarm the system will automatically disarm.

Many customers like the plip upgrade systems due to them working perfectly with the original vehicle controls meaning you don't have to worry about having extra controls on your vehicle keys. The system is Thatcham approved and meets and exceeds all insurance requirements, if you fit this onto a vehicle with a factory fitted immobiliser its a full Cat 1 once fitted. ( all vehicles made after 1996 have a Thatcham immobiliser as standard. )

The Siren is very loud at 119DB and flashes the indercators when sounding giving you a visual warning also. This system has an override tag meaning if your original remote gets damaged or lost you can still sucessfuly turn the system off in an emergancy. We supply and fit the Laserline alarm in Essex.

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