Laserline ADR Immobiliser

24 April 2019  |  Admin

The Laserline ADR Immobiliser has just hit the market and it really packs a punch! The Laserline ADR system is an ultra secure immobiliser with all black wiring, and 2 methods of turning off / disarming the system. The Laserline ADR is designed to automatically disarm once the ADR tag is taken into range within the vehicles interior. The ADR tag has a 2032 battery within the ultra sleek tag the most advanced part of this system is the tag only wakes up once it senses movement meaning it saves battery life and offers total security. The ADR system works on the 868Mhz wavelength meaning it can't be key cloned or key scanned.

The Laserline ADR system also features a small touch key which can be used in the event of the battery going flat within the ADR tag and you need to get the vehicle started, the touch key is known as an emergency override. The system automatically arms after 20 seconds of the ignition being switched off offering total security. The system also features a service / valet mode which means you can completely disable the system when the vehicle goes in for a service at the main dealer. The check the battery life within the ADR tag simply tap the ADR button and it will give you 4 flashes indicating a full battery or 2 flashes if the battery is getting low. It's a simple but very effective way of checking the battery life within the tag.

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