Laserline 921K Cat 2

16 June 2015  |  Admin

The Laserline 921 K has been industry proven with its design and reliability, With the smallest immobiliser sealed with epoxy you can be assured a theft won't be able to bypass it in seconds and the system can be hidden really well behind the vehicles dashboard. With all black wiring it's very effective in stopping car crime and backed with the Thatcham testing approval you have complete piece of mind you have the most secure and effective immobiliser fitted on your vehicle.

Due to the extreme reliability of the Laserline 921 K they offer a full lifetime warranty on all components ( other than the touch keys ). The immobiliser is self arming after 30 seconds of turning the vehicles ignition off and the disarm the system you simply push the small touch key on the flashing LED.

This system has one advantage of the Cobra Cat 2 due to it also having a 4 digit pin override system where it can be entered via the ignition switch, meaning if all touch keys are lost the vehicle can be started in an emergency.   

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