Land Rover Discovery Pandora Mini BT Fitted Essex

11 November 2019  |  Admin

One of the top 5 stolen vehicles in the UK the Land Rover Discovery model. Having the same security flaws as the rest of the range rover group such as the ability to clone a new key via the OBD or hacking into the can bus wiring  without  even needing to open the door. This is done by attacking the can-bus wiring in the rear wheel arch meaning a thief can clone a key into the vehicles ECU and unlock the doors without causing any form or damage.  Once the cloning method has been carried out it allows the vehicle to be stolen in seconds. The keyless key can also be range extended on this model meaning the signal can be cloned from your front door. The Pandora Mini offers outstanding protection against these forms of attack by sounding an additional siren @120 db and keeping the vehicle immobilised throughout attack.

The Pandora Mini system works by having an ADR tag within range allowing the system to disarm and disarm the immobiliser, this ADR tag gives you full protection against the common forms of key cloning and key scanning keeping your vehicle secure. The system protects all doors, boot and bonnet. Comes with 4 on board sensors.

  • Warn stage shock sensor
  • Trigger stage shock sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Motion Sensor

The system also comes with a mobile smartphone Bluetooth app which can be used to adjust the sensor settings via Bluetooth and check the history of the alarm system for example. The app also has a vehicle icon which has a live update meaning if a door is opened the app will update ( only when your in Bluetooth range ). The Pandora Mini V2 also features the new style LED which flashes Green when the system is armed.

If you would like your Land Rover Discovery protected with the Pandora Alarm system why not give us a call on 07525068291 so we can advise you the best security product for your vehicle.

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