Land Rover Discovery L319 Pandora Storm Fitted Brentwood Essex

9 February 2023  |  Admin

 Land Rover Discovery L319 now fitted with the Pandora Storm immobiliser. The Discovery is one of the most stolen vehicles in the UK every year and as such it makes the top 10 list year on year. As such the customer was well aware of this and wanted the best immobiliser on the market. We suggested the Pandora Storm and this system completely protects the vehicle from being stolen by the most common methods such as key scanning, key cloning via OBD and key code grabbing, this means without the Pandora ADR tag the vehicle will remain in an armed state and the ignition system will remain completely dead.

When a tag is within range the vehicle will start and run as normal. The Pandora Storm is very neat by only having a small valet button which is used for the Bluetooth mobile app and entering the emergency code if needed. On these vehicles we mount the override button up high on the rear view mirror housing keeping it out the way. The system comes with 1 tag as standard but additional tags can be added if needed. The Pandora BT app can be used if the battery in the ADR tag fails inside the tag meaning you can be on your way in seconds.

We are fully mobile in Essex and offer the best solutions for your Land Rover Discovery to make it as secure as possible. If you would like to discuss your security requirements such as an alarm with immobilisation & GPS tracking or a simple immobiliser you can call us on 07525 068291 or email

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