JL Active Subwoofer

25 June 2015  |  Admin

JL Active Sub

JL Audio has always lacked a decent small sub woofer with an in built amplifier. These are known to customers as ( Active Subwoofers ) and with there micro sub woofer range sounding awesome they have made it even smaller and compact. Due to not needing to mount a amplifier else where in the vehicle. These are great for small cars which don't have a great deal of boot space.

With JL Audio all you get is high end quality, the system features a quick release amp wiring connector which means a quick and easy removal from your boot. And full amplifier adjustments such as gain and frequency on the left hand side of the unit meaning adjustments to volume and sound are quick and easy. With JL audio making this sub woofer it has put other well known brands to shame. I simply don't think any other manufacture has created such good bass from a small box. These are built in Florida so you can be assured it's money well spent. And last of all 250 watts of pure power.

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