Jaguar Key Cloning

27 February 2016  |  Admin

Jaguar are becoming a big target for car thieves due to the keyless system they use is almost the same as range rover and we know from the past watch dog programs how a key can be programmed within 60 seconds. Jaguar have produced some very high end fast cars in recent years and these are now a very easy target for car thieves. We would suggest adding an immobiliser or a stolen vehicle recovery system. You could use the Autowatch Ghost in order to fully immobilise the vehicle and allow as many keys as possible to be programmed and the vehicle still won't start. this is due to the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser shutting the vehicles ECU network down when the system is active. This is a perfect sollution for this vehicle in order to secure it.

We offer a range of fully approved tracking devices for the Jaguar to allow you to get the vehicle recovered in the event of it being stolen. A stolen vehicle tracker such as the Cobra offers anti jamming which means even if an advanced jammer is used it still won't be able to block the trackers alert signal. Which will be sent to head office and in turn they will contact you to alert you of a possible theft.

Remember we install a full range of stolen vehicle tracking systems in Essex and all local areas, via our mobile installation service at your home or workplace.


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