Hyundai I30n Pandora Mini BT Fitted Hornchurch Essex

27 July 2023  |  Admin

These awesome hot hatch I30n models come with very little protection as standard, as such the Pandora Mini BT Thatcham cat 1 offers excellent protection and works perfectly alongside the original Hyundai I30n remote control or the keyless entry fitted to the doors. The Pandora will only disarm when a Pandora ADR tag is within range and as such the system will protect you against all forms of key scanning and cloning.

The Pandora features a huge amount of protection as standard such as the dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor and motion sensor wrapping your car in total protection while parked. A loud 120DB battery back up siren is mounted in the engine bay meaning if the vehicle is attacked this siren will keep sounding. Even if the wires are cut to the siren it will keep sounding due to it having its own onboard battery.

We mount the Pandora LED up by the rearview mirror housing meaning the install is ultra sleek and you wouldn't even know your cars been pulled apart. The Pandora Mini BT features a Bluetooth mobile app which allows you to use your smartphone as an ADR tag in a emergancy, it also allows adjustment of the sensors such as the shock, tilt and motion. If your looking for a Pandora installation within the Essex area you can contact us on 07525 068291 or email

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