Hyundai I30 Front Flush Fitting Sensors

21 September 2016  |  Admin

In Car Advancements fitted the latest Cobra V2 flush mount parking sensors to a very nice Hyundai I30, Due to the vehicle having the standard rear parking sensors which were flush mounted the customer wanted the same appearance for the front of the vehicle. The front Cobra flush mounts looked exactly the same as the rear kit. The customer was very impressed with the end result, you couldn't tell the difference between factory and aftermarket.

The sensors can be wired in two ways. First wiring method is via the ignition meaning they come on instantly when you start driving and you can manually turn them on / off if required. The second method is via a timer meaning you drive the vehicle as normal and when parking you activate the sensors by touching the button once and the timer will run for a short period. If no objects are detected the kit automatically turns off.

We supply and fit a wide range of parking sensors in the Essex area. If you would like some front parking sensors fitted give us a call on 07525 068291.

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