How To Set Time On Viper Remote LCD

27 October 2016  |  Admin

So you may have wondered why your Directed Viper 2 way LCD remote control comes with no instructions? I don't either. They have never come with any infomation other than how to pair the remote to your car alarm. We are going to talk you through the process of changing the time on your remote control.

  • Hold the F button on the side of the remote for around 8 seconds.
  • After you will have a message saying remote set up appear on the display.
  • Press the F button once again.
  • Use the remote start timer button and aux buttons to scroll through the menus.
  • Once you have scrolled through you will find time setting.
  • Press F button and adjust the hours by using the Aux and timer buttons.
  • Press F button once again to adjust the mins and press F to finish time adjustment.
  • You can leave the remote to exit the set up manually or press the unlock button.

You are now all done and the time is adjusted correctly.

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