How To Alarm The Rear Of Your Van

4 May 2016  |  Admin

With vans being the highlight of van security over the past month, customers have been asking what they car do in order to protect the rear of there van being cut into to try and steal the tools or equipment inside. On facebook there was a photo of a locksmith where they cut a hole into the roof of the van in order to jump in an steal the equipment without the alarm going off. With our custom van security packages we offer the choice to add a rear microwave sensor which will trigger instantly in the case of movement inside the rear of the vehicle.

We run all the cable inside the metal channels so no one can tamper or cut the cable in order to try and stop the sensor working. meaning our package and the method we use to wire it , is ultra secure. The sensor can be adjusted or change sensitivity wise and this is easy to do by turning a small pot screw. We set the sensor up to trigger from the wave of an arm. but no to the extremes where the smallest item would make the alarm false alarm trigger.

All our alarm installations are ultra neat and no cable will be seen after the installation has been carried out. All cabin sensors and LED are mounted in such a way they look factory fit. We are the ultimate van security specialist in Essex. Contact us via email or call 07525 068291

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