How Ford Focus ST & RS are stolen

1 August 2015  |  Admin

If you own a Ford Focus ST or RS you will most likely be aware of the dangers of not adding any aftermarket security. With the standard Thatcham CAT 1 being able to turn off once the vehicle see's an ignition feed it simply shuts off the original alarm. With many vehicles this is the case and it's now a massive problem in the local Essex area. The Ford's Focus ST's and RS models are normally broken into in two different ways.

The first method commonly used is picking the drivers door lock, with a small amount of skill these locks can be picked in seconds with the correct tool. Once the lock is picked they have to act quickly, to make the car see an active ignition feed before setting off the factory Thatcham Cat 1 alarm. If they are successful at this point in making no noise at all they simply plug there OBD key programming tool into the OBD socket meaning a new key will be programmed and ready to go within 15-30 seconds.

The next method which is used is the fastest and makes more noise. They will smash the drivers window glass in the lower right hand corner which still doesn't trigger the alarm due to a blind spot from the original ultrasonic sensors mounted within the interior light. once the glass is broken away the thief will simply put there arm through the window with there OBD programmer allowing a new key to be programmed within seconds. Once this has been done it will automatically unlock all doors and even if deadlocked with still unlock the doors.

We can offer hi tech aftermarket solutions meaning adding an advanced alarm system with OBD immobilisation. or offer an alarm with a  secure driver card which has to be present in the vehicle before it will allow the vehicle to start. This means even if a key is cloned / programmed in the vehicle will still remain immobilised.

What have Ford motor company said / advised to help?

  • Most current Ford vehicles feature double locking as standard. Use double locking when you lock your vehicle by pushing the lock button on your remote key fob twice. This simple measure will prevent anyone opening the doors if they smash a window and reach inside to the interior door release. Never set the double locking if a person is left in the vehicle as it would hinder their escape in an emergency.
  • Ensure all the windows, sun roof and convertible top are closed when you leave your vehicle and that all doors are locked. (N.B. Never leave an animal locked in a vehicle with all windows closed due to heat exhaustion)
  • When locking your vehicle, always look for confirmation of the locked status (usually flashing of the hazard lights) and on some vehicles, the folding of the power mirrors. If you do not see the confirmation of the doors locking, return to the vehicle and check by pulling the door handle to ensure the doors are locked. Thieves are known to use radio frequency jamming equipment to prevent cars from locking – especially in shopping centers and motorway service stations when customers try to lock their cars from a long distance away.

Will the above help in securing my Ford Focus ST or RS? The answer is NO. Most of the vehicles that are stolen are double locked and with the interior sensors active. Be aware and make sure you upgrade your Ford's security before it's to late.


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