Honda Integra Type R Toad AI606 Cat 1 Fitted Essex

23 January 2019  |  Admin

This Honda Integra Type R was protected by the latest Toad AI606 - T2 Thatcham Cat 1, This alarm definitely suits the vehicles era due to this being the alarm of choice for this vehicle back in the day. This alarm protects all zones such as both front doors, boot and the vehicles interior is covered by ultrasonic sensors which detect movement. The Toad AI606 has a very loud 118 db battery back up siren which means even if the wires are cut the siren will keep sounding. This alarm features a dual cut immobiliser meaning the vehicle won't start or run without the Toad being disarmed. This vehicle had to have a slave motor installed in the drivers door due to it being a Jap import, You can tell instantly when turning the key in the drivers door lock you are moving a switch rather then the normal feel of a door cylinder lock / unlock. By installing a motor in the drivers door it locks and unlocks all doors on the vehicle. If the vehicle is a non import you wouldn't normally require a door motor.

We are fully mobile Toad and Sigma installers in the Essex area. Not only are we fully approved by Toad we have been fitting there products for many years, these alarms offer excellent performance and reliability unlike some other products on the market. You can also add additional extras on this alarm such as extra sirens, home lights and tilt sensors. Anther common choice for classic vehicles is the Sigma S30 Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser which we are also fully approved to install. If you need a Toad alarm and immobiliser install carried out at your home or workplace let us know on 07525 068291.

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