Global Telemetrics App Upgrade Aug 2017

4 August 2017  |  Admin

Global Telemeterics have been leading the way with there new unit and mobile app. They are releasing another update this month ( August 2017 ) which gives Apple IOS11 users the complete experience when using the mobile app to find out the location of your vehicle. You simply log in the the user dashboard and once loaded you can see your vehicle REG and it's current location along with battery voltage and if the ignition is on or off.

The Global Telemeterics app works with most of there current tracking devices, the Trident model simply offers the best in terms of tracking the exact vehicles location and exact routes the vehicle has taken for the last 30 days, giving you complete history in terms of what times and dates the vehicle has been driven for total piece of mind when tracking your vehicle.

Please bare in mind the Global Telemeterics app is only available when an active subscription is paid, Subscription costs for these devices start from £12.49 per month making them very affordable. If you would like a Car Trackers Installed contact us on 07525 068291.



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