Ford Transit MK8 Smart Pro V3 Fitted Stanford-Le-Hope

16 February 2021  |  Admin

A brand new Ford Transit MK8 tipper now protected by the best in the UK offering a complete alarm system with immobilisation & built in GPS tracking. This system will also phone you in the event of an alarm trigger, this means if the vehicle is parked up and the alarm is triggered and your away from the vehicle you will be notified via a phone call to let you know the alarm is sounding, it will also let you know what zone has triggered the system. The Pandora uses the most advanced encryption in the UK meaning thieves can't key scan or key clone your vehicle to try and steal it. Even attacks to the vehicles OBD port will not get past the system meaning you vehicle will be in a complete immobilised state unless a Pandora ADR tag is within range.

The Pandora Smart Pro V3 comes with an exclusive 12 months subscription directly from us, meaning we give you 6 months additional subscription free of charge with any Smart Pro or Elite installation which no other Pandora dealer can offer in the UK. Customers normally want a Pandora Smart Pro V3 if they are looking for the best security available in the UK, many have previously had a car stolen or they are worried about vehicle theft in their area. As such getting the best security system installed makes sense due to yourself being able to check the status of your vehicle very quickly via the mobile smartphone Apple or Android app at any time.

This Ford Transit MK8 isn't going anywhere due to the system offering such secure immobilisation, without the Pandora ADR tag the system remains in a passive state awaiting for a tag to come into range, if a door is opened and the tag isn't present the vehicles alarm will sound after a few seconds meaning you are completely protected. If someone breaks into your house for your keys and takes the Pandora ADR tag you can remotely shut the engine down by calling the alarm system and entering a special code to stop the vehicle moving / driving any further.

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