Ford Transit MK7 Meta Plip Alarm Fitted Essex

24 October 2019  |  Admin

If you own a Ford Transit MK7 with no security I would be very suprised if your vehicle hasn't been targetted. The MK7 Transit is normally targetted from the drivers door lock buy picking the original lock cylinder. This part is a major weak spot, we have confirgured the Meta Thatcham approved alarm upgrade to trigger in the event of the lock being picked and turned to unlock the vehicle. This Meta Plip upgrade gives total security to your doors front, side and rear and the bonnet. The interior is covered by ultrasonic sensor which detect any movement within the front of the vehicles interior.

The Meta Plip features a Thatcham approved siren which gives arm and disarm chirps ( can be turned off if required ). And the siren sounds at a loud 118DB tone when the alarm is triggered, also flashing the vehicles indicators to warn anyone away when the alarm is sounding. The siren has an onboard battery back up battery built within the main unit meaning if the siren is attacked or the wires are cut the alarm will remain sounding.

This alarm works alongside the original blue Ford remote control key fob meaning locking the doors will arm the alarm and unlocking will disarm the alarm. This system can't be disarmed via the drivers door lock like other cheaper alarms on the market. This system is fully Thatcham approved meaning once fitted to your Transit it brings the vehicle up to a full Thatcham Cat 1. If you would like a Meta alarm upgrade fitted to your Transit give us a call on 07525068291.

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