Ford Transit Custom Stage 1 Remap Essex

28 September 2022  |  Admin

Ford Transit Custom (Euro 5) Stage 1 remap has taken this vehicle from 135BHP to a massive 170BHP. Also featuring an additional 60nm of torque. These 2.2 Euro 5 engines are massively detuned from the factory ( due to Ford build spec levels when the vehicle is new ) its exactly the same engine but they load / program a lower powered map onto the vehicle.

A stage 1 really brings this vehicle to life and gives the vehicle amazing performance throughout the rev range. You will also notice the torque increase especially if you normally drive the vehicle fully loaded. The Stage 1 gives excellent performance throughout the revs and due to the increased torque you can keep the revs lower meaning a possible fuel saving if the vehicle is driven carefully.

A stage 1 tune can be applied to these vehicles in around 1 hour and its a night and day difference when the vehicle is being driven, We can also add Speed limiter removal if your vehicle has been restricted to a lower speed such as 55-70 MPH from the factory. If you would like to find out the gain avaliable for your vehicle visit our (Car & Van Remapping page) if you would like to discuss a possible remap for your vehicle call us on 07525 068291 or email

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